Saturday, April 16, 2011

CeLeBraTinG DaDDy's BiRtHDaY DiNeR..

HaPpY BiRtHdaY tO Me DaD(BoSs)...HoPe YoU'll Be BLeSS eVeR...tonItE Me DaD TuRns To 65 YeaRs oLd(BuT YoU sTiLL BeSt DaDdy EvEr)...MoSt oF aLL,Me wIth DaNA(sIsTer),PlaNnInG FOr DaD's BiRtHdaY DiNer aT ResToRaNt aL-Edrus..(PadaHaL MeMaNg NaK TrY PowN KedAi Ni LaMe ZaMaN DaH)..NoW BaRu DaPat ChaNceS...WeLL,MacAm Yang DiGemBaR GemBuRkaN PasaL ReStOraNt Nie,iT's BeiNg ProVeD!!...ThOsE DisH AwSoMe!!..AnD ThE PriCe VeRy ReaSoNaBle Law(bg KamI2 YanG xKaYe Kan..HaHaHa)BuT SeRiOusLy,i'll coMe aGaIn SooN..NaK DiJaDiKAn CiTe,UnTy ZaI&aYahSu(wHicH iS FrOm SiNgaPoRe) alSo JoiN uS tOnIte,But SUdDenLy aYahsu ToTaLly can'T aCcepT That SmeLL CaMe FrOm ThaT KedAi,(AyaHsu BeiNg 'CiKe' AraBic FooD WheN He BAcK FrOm PalaStIne CoUpLe Of MonTh aGo)..KaSiaN,Die TanaK SpoILkaN ThaT eVenT,Die MeNgHiLanGkaN DirI,Pg NexT KeDaI KoPi,PuaS We OLs CaRik,xJumPe(saNgaT PanDaI MenYoROk)..aS The CoNcLusIon,i ReaLLy LoVe ThIs MoMenT(PasNi DaH xLeY SamBut Kot BirthDaY aBah tOgether..DaH KawEn Kan)HuHuHu..aM HaPpy tO See He Is SmIling ToNiTe...LoVe iT LoVe It...HaPpy BiRthDaY aBaH..SeMOga AbaH PanJAng UmUr,MuRah ReZeKi(am ReaLLy HoPe That Happen)..i LoVe You DaD..FoR The PiCtURe,My PleaSure tO VieWinG My FacEbOoK's aLbUm..(Lambat Sgt nak uPloAd by ThIs siTe..TreHeHeHe)..

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