Monday, March 30, 2009

AnSwERiNg TaG...

HeRe Me GoT TAGGed FrOm AinA..So..HeRe Me AnSweR TheN..HeheHE..

29 bling2...

1.Bekas kekasih saya adalah :
:: BdaK UiTm SrI IskaNdaR(poSt DiP..??..Eee..GedIksNyew)

2.Saya sedang mendengar :
:: OraNG LaLu LalaNg Kat bwH UmaH+KeyBoaRd Di TaIp2

3.Mungkin saya patut :
:: Mandi..NantI Ade DiSCusSiOn PlaK

4.Saya suka :
:: MakaN BeNde2 BarU

5.Sahabat-sahabat baik saya :
:: DragonFly+SeeK AnD CiRcle+Me DaIrY

6.Saya tak paham :
:: NaPe Ade ManUsIa SlaLu XpUas Ati NgaN ManUsia LaiN

7.Saya kehilangan :
:: MaSe2 Emas LalU..Hahaahaha..(eXamPle caMpiNg)

8.Ramai yang berkata :
:: Mu Nie Klako LaL..

9.Makna nama saya :
:: CahaYa SyUrGa(pewiiT..)

10.Cinta itu adalah:
:: LoVe..MisS,NeeD SoMeBoDy DaN Yg SeAngKataN DenGannYe LaL

11.Di suatu tempat, seseorang sedang :
:: SleePinG WiTh Her BiG TeDDy(iN FrOnt of Me)

12.Saya akan cuba :
:: SiaPKaN aSsiGmenT

13.Ayat SELAMANYA membawa maksud :
:: KeKal

14.Telefon bimbit saya :
:: PaRt Of Me Life..TecHnicaLLy

15.Bila saya terjaga dari tidur :
:: GaRu KpaLe,GosoK Mate..Pg ToiLet!!(for SuRe)

16.Saya paling meluat apabila :
:: MeLIhaT Org yg MerAse DirInYe SanGAt PerFect..PadaHal XpOn..(pLeasE Laa)

17.Pesta/Parti adalah :
:: SuaTu PlaCe Yg MemanG HavOc!!(baRu SrOnOt)

18.Haiwan yang paling comel yang saya pernah temui ialah :
:: Me DraGonFLy,KuciNg GemUk Kat BawaH UmaH(GerAm heheehe)

19.Peringkat umur yang paling menyeronokkan bagi saya ialah :
:: 21..(KuNci)

20.Hari ini :
:: SaKiT SatU BadaN(campinG PuNye PenANgan)

21.Malam ini saya akan :
:: BuaT AssIgMenT KoT(aRe U SuRe??hehehe)

22.Esok pula saya akan :
:: Pg Kelas Le BeB..Xske MoNteNg KelAs Nie..

23.Saya betul2 inginkan :
:: HidOp Yg DiReDhaI..

24.Ketika anda lihat wajah anda di hadapan cermin pagi ini :
:: AgaK SunBuRn..

25.Pusat membeli-belah atau arked permainan :
:: BasEd On MooD..

26.Makanan Barat atau Jepun :
:: NiPpoN..MoRe HeaLthy aNd TasTy..

27.Bilik yang terang atau gelap :
:: GeLaP..TenaNg..

28.Makanan segera adalah :
:: KeCeMaSaN PaBile KeBuLuR..HehehHe

29.Ayat terakhir yang anda katakan pada seseorang?
::" Ade OrG DaTaNg UmaH Kew?"

BaCk FrOm CaMpIng..

HuaHUaHua...SaNgaT LeW SrOnOt PabIla PuLaNG DaRi CamPuNg Di NuR LeMbaH PaNsUn..BeFoRe ThIs Me Ade LaW ToLd ThAT Im ToTaLy NoT ExCiTeD For JoIn ThIs CaMp..BuT I'm ToTaLLy OuT Of ThIs StaTeMenT..HehEhHE..HaPpy2..MuLe2 SamPei Tue agaK MemEranJatKan DImAnE KAmI2 DaH TeRciciR NaMe..TheN Kene WaIT LamE JGaK TuK NAiK Bus(Bus No10)..BuT OuR BuS SamPaI AweI LaL(CaYALa PACiK RempiT)..TheN OuR JuORneY Tue MakIn MenYEraMkAn DIMane KawAsaN NaK MasUk LemBaH PanSun Tue SgtLa GelAp(cOz KamI Pg mLm KAn)..AwIS PlaK mulOt Die..(eee..NaSiB Le KaLU AkU PeGaNG CiLi..KeNE Ko)kakakaka..ThanKs GoD Coz Xde PApE Jd..BuT 10 BuS GEraK 1 BuS Yg RosaK(LiKe AwIS SaYs..SengaL..MenaKuTkaN)TheN KamI PuN SampaI La..BlaBlabLa..ManYaK Lew AcTiViTy SioK2 KaT sane Tue..SuMmaRy Of This StOrY TeLLing..ThIs CaMp RocKS!!!..HeRe SoME PiCtURe SnaP there...OtHerS WiLL CoMes LatteR On..Pg CoLLect FrOm OtHer GuYs ThaT HaD Me PIc..HEhehehe..(CaMeRa XbaWaK..ItuLe PaseI)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Be PrePare For CaMp...

HurMmmm...Don'T KnOw WheteR I'M In eXciTeD MoDeS Or NoT...SoRt Of LiLtLE BiT ConFiUs..SoMe SayS ThaT ThaT PlAcE WOrSt Coz We (tHe CanDidAtE Too MAnY)..MaY Be DiFfIcuLt On DoInG OuR NeCEsSaRy AcTiViTy..BuT SoMe SaY In PosItIVe WaYs...FOr The PacKiNg ProGrEss...StIll In 80% DoNe..In the WeaTher RaInIng...MaY CouSe ChaNgeS..StrESs..CoUlD It GiVe DaNgEr For Us ThaT StaY In The WooD In RaInInG MoDeS?? wHy MUsT The ManaGemNeT ShOuLd ComPiNe ALL of Us( aLL coUse Of Our FaCuLtY) WheN They CoUldn'T ProvIde The CamPaCtaBle FaCiLitieS...??WhY..I hope(ReaLLy) ThIs CamP WiLL Make Me HapPy AnD SaVe FrOm AnY KiNd Of BaD ThInGs..So On For ALL Me FriEnDs..JuSt KeeP PoSitIve ThInKiNg In MiNd RaTheR The NeGatIVe TyPe...ULaLaLaLa..FrOm HeRe FoR StOrY TeLLiNg.. -FiN-

AnSweRiNg DiDie's Tag

The rules:
It’s harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours and tag twenty people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have fun! Don’t forget to post it!

1. What is your name: NuRuLjaNnAH BinTi ZaIb

2. Four letter word: NIKE

3. A boy’s name: NasaIe..(Saie Hahaha..Kene Kau)

4. A girl’s name:NuRul FataNah BinTi ZaIb (mE Sis)

5. An occupation: NuRse??(TgK DaraH PeNiN)

6. A color: NaNana(enTam Jew)

7. Something you’ll wear: Nike

8. A food:NasI LemAk, NasIk KraBu (manYak Ar..Xle Nak LisT Sume)

9. Something found in the bathroom: NothIng(RabUn)

10. A place: NoRwaY(FraNkly..xde PlaN PuN Nak pg Tue)

11. A reason for being late: NanANna..NoUghTy..(hehehe)

12. Something you’d shout: Nuts!!

13. A movie title: NanNy McPpy(mYtWinDraGoNFLy..Muahahahaha)

14. Something you drink: NesLo(agaK PeLik KaLU MuNuM)

15. A musical group: NeLLy FoRtaDo(XtaU GrOuP Mane Coz Xske SgT BanD)

16. An animal: Naga(NgaUmm)

17. A street: NiLam
18. A type of car: NaZa Ria(kakakaka)

19. The title of a song: NoT KiNda GirL

aku mahu tag kamooo:Sape2 LaL yg TeRaJiN NaK JwP SoKlaN MeNguJi MinDa NiN KaN..AgaK PeLik2 La SokLan CeNggiNi..IShIshIsh..

Monday, March 23, 2009

In DiGiTaL LiBraRy ClaSs..

NoW Me In DiGiTaL LiBrARy ClaSs..MuaHAhahaha..KeNe SoUnD NgaN Si DidIe NgaN BaU BeBoLa SoToNg DiMuLoTnYe..LapOsHnYew PerOwtKu..agaK TeRkeJuT jGaK td AwIs BgTaU bahaWeSeNye NaMe KamI2 DaK KelAs(Bo6cTT) HiLaNg DaRi LiSt NaK Pg CaMpINg..WhaTT!!! CaN'T BeLiEveD It..aPe DaH Jd NgaN NaMe2 KamI Nie..? XnaK Bg JoIn Kew..HoPe We ALL MaY StiCk ToGetHer..HeRE.WaNt To DeDiCated SoMe LoVeD To All me ClaSsMaTe (Bo6Ct)..WhIcH IjaN ToLd MuSt MenTiOn Her naME..OkidoKi..MuaH For YoU ms IjaN..heheheHE...HeRE FrOm StOrY TeLLiNg NoW.... -FiN-

Sunday, March 22, 2009

FiNiShInG Me Pre-MaRrIeD CoUrSe...

tReheheheHe..Me JuSt NoW FinIShIng Me pRe-MaRrIeD CourSe..sUnGgUh XsaNgke yG KhUrSus TuE SaNgaT2 LeW KlaKoNye..BeSt LaL..BiG ClaP FoR ManaGeMeNt Of ThiS CouRse Coz DaPaT HaNdLe SuMe ProGraM Ni WeLLDoNe At All..MaKaN PoN BesT(MiNoM PaGi,luNcH&MiNoM PetaNg)..2 DaYs BeiNg ThRouGh..AgaK TiReD..BuT MoStLy EnJoYaBle..THhaNk GoD Coz ThIs CouRse BeiNg HelD In PunCaK PeRdaNA a.k.a mE FaCuLty,no NeeD To Go To InDuk(wHicH i moStLy Don't LiKe)..AnD The CaNdiDaTes ArE NoT MuCh CroWdeD As InDuK(whIch VeRy ComForTable)..JusT NeeD To WaIt For The SiJiL BeIng ProCeSs..TheN BoLeY kaWeN SudaA(saId By The UstaZ)..Hehehehe..KaweN?? HurMmMm..MaYbe NoT Now BuT WhO KnoWs..Me As a huMaN, ShoUlD aCCEpT WhaT HaD BeIng WriTten(qaDa&QaDaR)....ok..enD Of This SessiOn..NeXt Are, ThIs BeComInG ThUrsdaY NiGhT, Me Will GoInG To uLu LanGaT FoR CaMp In 4 DayS..TheN For The FollOwiNg WeEkaNd(4ApriL)..NeeD To attEnD The FiNaL SeM DiNner(ProM NiGhT)..HuHuHu..HoPe Me TaK KuaR Tema LaW..hehehe(MoDerN&CoNtenPorarY@TrAdiTiOnaL&GLaMoURs)..ThaT FroM Me Now..See In neXt PosT.. -FiN-

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Romeo, save me I've been feeling so alone I keep waiting for you, but you never come Is this in my head I don't know what to think He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring And said Marry me, Juliet, you'll never have to be alone I love you and that's all I really know I talked to your dad Go pick out a white dress It's a love story Baby, just say yes

ThIs WaSn'T FrOm AnyBoDy BuT It BeIng TaKeN FrOm Me FaV SoNg..LOVe ThIs PaRt..ImaGiNe The ScEnaRiO..Waaa..Syok Maa..HoPe it Will BeInG ReaL In Me LiFe SoOn..ToDaY Im Go TeMaN DidIe Pg FaCiaL..LaMe JgaKle..BleY RoUnD2 La KiJaP Tue..ThEn We ALL Go To FiNd The GaDGeT FoR OuR DiNnEr In ApRiL 4..HuHuHu..BeIng Bz For ThrEe StraI
gHt So TireD ToDaY So The PosT QuIeT ShOrT..keeP In ToUcH For The FoLLoWiNg PoSt... -FiN-

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


LeGaNYe PaBiLe DaH MeLePasI TeSt MeDiCAL ReCoRd ThEn IsLaMIc reCoRd JuSt NoW...ThAnKs God FoR BleYLa AKu JaWaP TaDi...LeGa Coz ALL Of The SoKlaN AKu Bace DaH..ThEn Not So DiffIcUlT To AnSwEr...ToMoRrOw NEeD To TaKe PiCtUre For Me ClaSs MeMoRiEs & AlSo For FACuLtY MaGAziNe..NoThInG tO Do..(aSsigMneT ADe MaLaz LaGik..Due LaMe LA)...WaTcHinG MoViE DAh..WaItInG For ToMoRrOw NeXt EveNt..Hurm...eNd Of stORy teLLiNg... -FiN-

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


ToDaY Is QuIeT BuHsaN Me LiFe..OnCe AGaIn BeiNg A SuRi RuMah..StaY at HoMe FoR The WhOle DaY(a.m-p.m)...KuaR2 UMaH PoN 6 p.m...AttEnD DiGiTaL LiBrarY ClaSs..ToMoRrOw NeeD To StaY FoR IsLaMIc ReCoRds TeSt..HuhUHUhuhuHU..HoPe BleY JaWaP leW EsOt NiCeLy...Td Pg MaMAm NgaN DidIe& SaLim..HoPe Die DaPat BeInG MoRe ToUgH FoR HanDlIng All CitUatIonS ThaT BeIng FaCed NoW...(HoPe So sO) ..SeMbaNg2, XtaU PlaK DpT CiTeR HoT..BuT NoT The GooD OnE For BeIng As A TeLadaN For ShaRinG..CukUp NgaN jUsT We NeeD To KNew On HoW To MaIntaNCe OuR RePUtaTiOn As a StuDenTS And BeIng A NiCe HuMan BeiNg...OkIdoKi..NeeD To Go NoW FoR ConTiNuInG Me StuDy On teSt ToMoRrOw..LaTTeR On For Next StOrY TeLLinG... Yuyu.. -FiN-

Monday, March 16, 2009


MoNdaY..As UsuAll..AttEnDinG Mr BuRn ClaSs..TiMe DaLam KelAs Tue, KamI2 BinCaNg Lew PaSaL Camp Yg KaMI KeNe PeGi NexT 2 WeeK, AdeKe PaTut 'AwaK' ckP Yg MuLe2Nye KamI2 Nie WaJiB BeLi BaJu T-shIrt Tue TheN MusT BawAk BaJU KuRuNg..(Oh MaN..) PeLik je DaLaM UtaN KeNe PakAi BaJU KuRuNg..KakakAKkaka..NoNseNce..TheN AfTeR Mr BurN MasUk ClaSs, He ToLd Us Many ThIngS ThaT We LoVe To AccEpt(McM NaK AmiK Ati, But YoU MAde It RiGht)...KamI2 PuNyer mooD Yg AsaLnYe XminaT LanGsuNg UnTUk Pg CamP tue TruS ChanGe To LiLtle Bit eXciTed To Go...hehehehe..MoreOver, Our ComFoRtaBle Are KiNd Of MaJor CrtiEterIa ThaT He ThOught(wHiCh We Are gIft A TenT by a CouPle Of People)..JusT Nice wRiGhT??..NoT Too CroudeD..Save FrOm StaYiNg WitH UnNeCeSsaRy PerSon..buT WhaT ThaT BeIng HoPe Is Me BleY JoIn OtHer FrIenDs In BiG PlaToN SooN...HoPe So(really)..aT 8 p.m, NeeD To AtTeNd MeeTiNg For Me DiGitaL LibRaRy ProJecT..HuHuhuHu...Im QuIet StaRViNg RiGht Now...ShoUld Be ReLoaD It ImMeDiaTeLy....BuT NeeD To Be PaTieNt FOr EaTiNg...AfTeR MeeTiNg TheN Go FiNd SoMe StuFf FoR Me TuMmY...MoM..So sO HuNgRy...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

BaCk To CoLLege'S LiFe..

TreHehHEhe..UdaH PuLanG Ke KoleJ PunCak PerDaNa...SeSaMpaInye DiRi InI Pade WaKtu 4 Suku LeBey2..EloK2 Je Pas Aku TaKe Bath..Tup2 UjaN LebAt+KiLAt SamBunG NyaMbunG+AnGin KuaT Ler=DalaM AtI CkP NasIb SamPaI AweI..KalU X NaYo Aku..HEhehehe..SeBeLom PuLanG Td, NyeMpaT Lew NyIngGah KAt JuSco..Beli TapaU..SusHi+TaKO Kao..Kekeke..SusHi SuRe2 QuieT FamILiaR Kan BuT RaMei StILL BluR LagIk PaSeI TaKO Nie..TakO iaLaH OnE of SiDe ODer LaL bg KaUm2 jepun Nie..Ala, kalaU OrG MatSaLeh Tu PaGgiL AppErTiser, TapI KalaU Org MeLayU mcM KuEh La(CucUr La)..TaKo Nie KalaU YanG OriGinaL TyPe Die pakaI OctOpUs Kat DaLam BuT OrG skRuNk Dah PaNdaI uPdaTe & ExPloRe New InVeNtIon, Dieorg ReNOVatE La RaSe Tue, Ade Yg Letak Udang, SomEs LetAk ChiCkeN WiTh CheeS, AnD StILL LoYaLty WiTh The OriGiNal ReCiPe..HEehehHEHhe..PeRowT SuDaH SgT KenYanG..PerAsaAn MalaS MenGuNjuNg TiBe, Di CuaCe Yg SeJuk(CaM DaLam AiRcoNd PoN AdEr RaSe)..Nak SleeP..hehehe..BaCe BloG CouSin, PosT pAsaL LakSa(mmG MenCaBaR SelEra Tuh)..TeRus InGAt NAk BaLIk KaMpUnG..MaKaN LaKSe tereNggaNu..PerGh BEsT SesaNgaT..HuhuHUu..HoMeTowN... I mIss yOu.. -FiN-

Friday, March 13, 2009

-MeEtInG-ToMorRow GoInG BacK-

JuST NoW AttEnD MeetIng Me ClasS..MeEtiNg For 4 MiLLioN (XdE poN SbeNarNye)..Hehehe..OuR LeCtuReR TouGht ThaT We WeRe ReCeived The 4 MiLLioN For HanDLiNg A DiGiTaL lIbRraY...AgaK Bz LaL MemAsIng TiMe MeeTiNg Td..Me As UsuALL WiTh Me Clique(sYeD) As QuALiTy ContRoL NeeD To WaTch TheM & WaIt FOr ThEir ProGrESs RePorT(aLL DePaRtmEnt)..For Make RePoRt Lew To OuR StaKeHoLdeR(Mr. AzMi)...Hehehehe...ToMoRroW Me PuLanG ke UmAh Me Sis..Hehehehe.hoMeSick NiH...LiKe It LiKe it...MusT BaLik Coz Next 2 WeeK XleY Nak BaLik..(keNe AtTenD ManYaK AcTiViTy)...ade KhUrSus KawEn La, neXt FoLloWiNg WeeK AdEr CaMp Yg FinaL SeM WajiB AttEnD Tue LaiE..MAne LeY CaMni...HuhuhuUHUhu...ThiS MoRNiNg Me DaH RemBaT ManYaK MOVie FrOm Si SaLim Tue..NgeHngeHngeH LoVe It LoVe It..(MacaMla tgK BiS SuMe CePat PoN)..NganGanGA..Ok FroM ThiS posT..CaTcH UP For NeXt StoRy TeLLinG FrOm me... Yuyu -FiN-

Thursday, March 12, 2009

WorK at Home...

ArInie, Nak Buat KiJe Je La For The WhoLe DaY...KiJe2 Yg ManYak Itu PerLu DiBeResKan SeBeLom AtiE Jd GuNdaH GuLaNa..HahahhaHa..ThIS WeeK "ScHooL HoLiDaY"..SuRe2 Nak PuLanG JuMpe Me AnaKSdaRe Kan...(i ThiNk For SUrE)...MaCaM AgaK senGaL WheN ThiS 2 DaYS Me Didn't HaVe CLaSs BuT In The EveNiNg Of FriDaY NeeD To AttEnd The ClaSs MeeTiNg...PerGhH...SaBo2..Have To WaIt For AttEnDiNg The MeEtiNg TheN Go To Me sIs House..HUhhuHuhuhuHU...OkIdoKi..ThIs For StoRy TeLliNg.. -Fin-

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SaTu HarI YaNg SeJuk NyaMan..

HarInIe SanGatLa SeJuk Bgku DiMana SuaSaNa SgT la menDunG DaN AnGiN SePoI2 BahaSe GiTu..SeSaNgaTla SeSwAi UnTuK MeNiDuRKaN DirI..SeCaRe puRatENye TahaP KeMaLaSaN nTUk Ke KElaS MeiNgKat..AriNie AKu Ade 2 KelAs oNe In The MoRnIng & OnE moRe At The EveNiNg...NasIb keLas MalAm Td AbesH AwaL..LeY La MlepAk UmaH...TaDi TgHaRi After Me FirsT ClasS, OnE Of Me ClaSs MemBEr ThaT SomEboDy CaLL Her 'AwaK' Buat meeTinG ClaSs, ToLd ThaT We All Nie(fiNal Sem StudEnDs) ShoUld AttEnD The CaMp In SomEwHerE LaL...In 27th till 29th oF maRcH Nie..PerGh..MoSti PeNat TuH..Yg XBraPe Nak BesH Tue, guRls StaY In TenT ANd BoyZ StaY In DorM(whAt!!! CaN't BeLieVe It!!! How CouLd You, managEmenT!!!)..WhY BoYz SlaLu MorE tHeN GurLs? Why The manaGemEnt Did'nt Do It In SaMe CoNdiTiOn??Why..??BiAsS..! imaGine SkRunK Nie MusIm UjaN..(GoD, Plss HeLp Me)..KepAm La Weyyy...thEn, Yg XtaHan tUe, 'AwaK' Tue bgtaU ThaT We All ShoUld Buy The FacUlTy ShIrt For AttEnDinG The CamP...(WhaT!!! T-ShiRt AgaIn!!!)..BaRu Je BoUgHt t-ShIrt LaST Few DayS(tHaT QUiEt hampeH To Me)..HoPe ThaT ShIRt NoT DiSsaPoInTeD Lal..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


TerSanGaTle BoSaNnye AriNie..XtaU Nak BuaT Pe..KiJe DaH TImBuN2 BuT mooD StiLL DiDn'T CoMe ToWaRdS me..PlEaSe CoMe To Me..dAri Pagi..AttEnD ClaSs MetAdaTa As UsuALL..TheN SleEp(PAlIng SyOk Coz Me HouSemAtE SuMe peGi ClaSs..In HeAveN)..BanGuN2..DaH PkOL 5 p.m...Ape Laie..TaKe A ShoWeR FoR NexT DiGiTaL LiBraRy ClaSs..BiLe DaH SaMpaI KeLas Kan..TetIbe Cik AzMi MasUk theN Bg aYaT Nie "KaLaU KiTe XbUaT KelAs BleY x"..WhaT?? tHis Is HappInesS, LuCkiEs, VeRy2 ThaNk God Coz Aku MmG XdE MooD NaK BlaJa ArInie..KaLu StaRt LecTure PoN SuRe2 KaPla Nie KaT LaieN..NiE NaK KenE KaWeN DaH Nie..HurMmm..MuNgKiN keRaNe UsIa TeLAh berTamBaH DarI HarI Ke HarI...So PeMiKIraN Tue DaH BrUbaH..OveRsLeAp MayBe CaN Coz TheN MooD oF mE In StUdY..WheN PoePle In OveRsleaP, They wIll aFfecT TheIr PsyChoLoGy WeTher For menTaL Also PhySiCally...hurMmmm..Now aku Nie SoRt Of SiCk&cirCle PuZzLe AddIct..Hahaha..ThIs Game Aku SeSaNgat Lew SukE FroM ChIlHooD LAgIk lew..Baru Nie Pg NyInGgaH BoRderS..TeJumPe ThIS SeeK&ciRcLe PuZzle....RemBat Lew...Hehehe..LoVe iT!!!..MeNgiSi MasE LapaNg Di SamPin MenCarI MooD BuaT ASsIgMeNt..LalaLaLala.....

Monday, March 9, 2009

FiNisHing The viSit HaPpy TheN SkaTes With JoYFuLL

NgaNgaNga..ALL Of Me NiGtHmaRe WiTh The WeLcoMiNg FrOm ThE SunWaY MeDicaL CenTre WaS ToTaLly UpSiDeDown..WhY?? Coz We WeRe VeRy2 WeLCominG By The MAnaGer of The MedICaL ReCorD TheRe(MdM Ang ChOoI Tee)..ThaNks For ALL The GuIedS ThaT BeiNg GiVeN..TheN AfTer We FiNisH OuR ViSiT..PeroWt TerSgT Lew LapOR..Pg MAkaN Di CAfe..(cOz AwiS NeeD To Go For JuMaaT praYer)..SleEp LuL WhILe AwIs Go MoSquE TheN We (aku,aWis,DidIe,SyeD&RiZaL)..SiaP2 Go To SunWaY PyRamId...FoR SuRe..SkAtIng!!..ice2 BAbY..HEhEhehHE..mE wIth RiZaL PaKAI BajU KalEr CerAh PlaK..Adus..DiTerTawaKAn Oleh GuyS Yg SeLebIhnYe ItuLa Coz DIeOrg PakaI BAJU
EHhehehe..BuT WhaT May be ProUd HeRe..Me XjaTuh PuN TiMe Skate
Tue..XtaU CaMne bleY TerTereR PlaK KAn XJAtuH TiLL LasT ROunD NAk PulaNG Tu AdE Plak maMAt Tue Pg CrAsH me FrOm BlaKaNg..
SoRt Of LangGar Lari LA..SenG
aL..Hahahaha..AnyWaY DaPat Gak SouRVanIEr FrOm SunWaY...HeHEhe..LoVe ThoSe MoMenTs...LoVes You GuYs..RocKs!!NeXt TiMe BleY Pg Lagiks..HAhahahaa..THere Are SoMe Pic ThaT WaS SnaP By AwIs...TIme KaT Sane, SeMpaT LaGik KamI2 Nie BeRPosInG WaLhaL BaDaN SoRaNg2 Tue DaH LenCun..NgaNganGa..(CoNRaTes To DidIe) FiNalLy She CaN SkaTe VeRy WeLL..TiMe Nie Mmg LaR X InGaT PapE PoN..SuKe SUKi SgT..BuT TheN BaLik UmaH..SaTu BaDAN SaKiT DoL..hahahahahHa....
TahNiaH TahNiaH UnTuK KAmI2...MaLaZ UnTuK MenGuPlOAd LaIn2 Pic Coz BaDaN DaH NaNtUk & aLSo peNaT SeSaNgaT BaRu SaMpAi KoLeJ Haa..(SePerTi me RouTiNe, MlePaK UmaH kaKLoNgKu)..JuMpE me Bos&Mom..TheY GoInG To HoLiDaY WiTh ViSiT me Bro FaMily at DuBai..TheN GoInG To JorDaN(JaLaN SaJe MoM&DaD ku)..haahHahaha..MisS TheM..(Me AnaKsDare At DuBaI)...HehHeHE..Fin..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

WoRks ToMoRrOw TheN SkaTinG...

ToMorRow MoRning aT 6.45 a.m We(aku,dd,awis,niken) WiLL BeRtOlaK uNtUk Ke SunWay SpeCiaLisT MeDicaL CenTre For OuR MedIcaL ReCoRd AssIgnmeNt...gOiNg To sEE InDePt AboUt The MedIcaL ReCoRd MaNageMenT aT ThIs HosPiTal In haNdLiNg Thier RuNnIng BuSiNeSs, BesIde ThaT oN WhaT BeIng LeaRnIng In The LecTurE SeSsion...HuRmm...HoPe ThaT EVerYThiNg WiLL be UnDeRcOntRoLL & NoThInG MesS or Any DisTriBuTiOn HapPeNeD DuRiNg The VisIt SoOn..(sgt2 HaRap BgiTu,Plss2)..FraNkLy SpeAk, ManY Of FrIenDs ToLd That Their ExPerIenCe In DoiNg This HoSpiTAl VisiT...Not In weLL ConDitIon(SoMe Of Them Kene Maki BamBu)...DepeNds..Some saYs That Ok(Not exaCtLy)..Why ThoSe PeoPle(HosPiTal Manager@Some Of The Department manager) Are nOt WeLcoMing us(as a StuDent) For Gain Some KnowlEgde??TerUk Sgt Ke Kami2 Nie??KalaU KamI X BlaJa & TgK SeNdiRi, How CoMe KamI naK Tau The True WoRks LiFe RigHt??..TheY ShOulD ChaNge TheiR MinDsEt Of StuDeNts NowADays Coz SomEtImes We Are MoRe BettEr TheN They In Some FieLDs...It ShOuLd Be..NoT SeT A hIgH ExpEctAtIon FrOm TheM BuT At LeAst, resPeCt Us As a StuDenTs ThaT neeD TheiR InFoRmaTIoN..HuhUhu...okey, TheN AfTer juMaaT PraYer, We (aku,awis,dd,syed,rizal) Will GoIng FoR SkaTinG!! YieeHaa..UnDreundre..HoPe XjaTuh GeDeBuk Lew...Hehehe...SKating At SunWaY PyRamId..Si SalIm Sgt2 Lew ExcIteD UntUk SkaTing(do not know why)..HahahHAha..RiZaL LAgIk Laa..GedIk2 Dah Nak Pg SesAngAt Tue..DiDie, haPpY JgaK Nak pe Skate Tue..Si SyeD?? Didn't NoTis In The FirsT PlaN, But Maybe AccEptAbLe(mUngKin LagIk HavOC nanTi),Me??Just Nice..Ok Laa(More Prefer To ShoPPing..Hahaha)..We'll See ToMorRow..oK??tHAT foR ThIs StOry TeLLinG..To be ConTiNued..MuaCh...

PaGi Yg MeLucuKan...BeiNg a HoUseWiFe

Wake Up This MorNinG, NotHinG To do..QuiEt BoRed Coz Didn't Have AnY ClaSses toDay(HatE it)..TheN Made up My MinD For BeiNg A HoUseWiFe AnD DoiNg All LoTs Of TaSk ThaT UsUaLLy BeIng DOiNg FoR OuR "Mak", TrEheHehe..NiCe WhaT DoIng all of ThaT By OuR's FeeL MoRe SatIsFieD RAtHer Than aSk OtHer peoPle FoR DoiNg That JoBs...Pagi Td..PkoL 11 a.m....Aku,Lia SerTa FaiZ Pg Lew peJabAt CITU foR RegIsterIng Our Pre-MArrIed CouRse..BeFore That, Aku AdE La CaLL Si SaLim Nie Kan..aLamaK aiii..Si MaMat Nie TidoW MaTi Kaw2..XbgUn2..PasaL Die Pun Nak JoIn JgaK Kan, wHy Not Go For RegIsteR ToGeTheR..XbGun Lak..Pg 3 Org jew Laa...SamPai Sane RaMeI PlAk Yg Ade KAn..Ade Yg Nak KenE InTerVieW For ZakAt reCipetIon..Ok La..Tunggu..WaiT..AgaK Lame JgaK La SamPaI Si FAiZ Tu SemPaT BacE PaMpleT2 Yg AdE Kat SiTu..KakakKAka..LpaS KuaR DaK Yg inTerVieW Tue, TiBe La GiLiRAn Kami nie NaK JuPe UstaZ HiShaM tue..MasUk2, Die SuRuh DuduK, TheN XseMenE2 Kami Di SoaL "nAnTi YoU ALL NAk SimPaN DuEt KAtNe??'' WhaT??Kteorg Dtg TuK ReGistEr pre-MaRrieD CouRse Lew..hehehehe..Ok LAgIk Tue..Then Die CiteW2 la Mcm2 lA PasaL ASB Law, TakaFuL La,Bank2 La..(dLm Ati Cam DaH Ade PrAsaAn Yg Die Nie Nak Buat Pe Nie KAn..Sure2 aGenT InsurAn Nie)..LasT2 SemBang Tue..TepAt JangkAaN HAtikU DimaNa UstaZ Nie SuRe2 SeOrg AgeNt TakaFuL NasiOnaL..AgaK SengALL..hahaha..MenGgUnaKan MAsE KerJa UnTUk PromoTe InSuRanCe Die..(HebAt KaLu Ade Yg Report Kat MiNIstY Of UiTm Nie) KAkakaka..WhaT The LiFe..PeoPle aRe TryIng To Get MoRe Then What They'll AlReAdy HAve One...Maybe They NoT StaIsfIed With TheiR SalaRy by WoRkInG With The GoveRmenT? oR MayBe They All QuiEt Saje Suke2 Nak BuAt Kije Nie(inSuRaNce SaLes) As HoBby??(Guess NoT) TeKanaN HiDop Yg AgaK TiNggI(agaK SeTuju)...As A coNcLusiOn, aLL Of The KeputUsaN Are In OuR HaNd, OuR LiFe And sAlaRy's maNAge eithEr Fates Are DePEnDs on Us to ConTroL It..Not BAsEd On The PlaCe AnD WhO Are ManageD iT..ThiNk....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

HaRi YanG SanGat MemeNatKan

Hari Nie Mmg LeW Sgt2 penAt..No WOrDs CouLd Be ExpLaIn But PeNaT LeW..AttEnDinG The CaRriEr MoDuLe..FroM 8 a.m TiLL 4 The MoRnInG seSsiOn, DieoRg Buat Lew IceBreaKer..Ala..Cam BiaSe2 MoDule Lew..KenAL2kan Diri(BoRed)..TheN Ade La BuaT GroUp2 For SoLvE ProBs SkeT..Yg MenJaDi liLtLe FrUst WheN Me GroUp XdpT BreaKfaSt(xde ReZeKi)..TheN CoNtiNued BalIK TiLL AfTerNooN, Time LunCh, DaK2 KeLas PakaT PuLun Abes2 MakaNaN..Byk gIlew AmiK LauK SeRta NAsIk Tu..KakakkaKA..KAsIaN FikAh & Ana KeNe AbEsKan, KaLu AkU La..MatI daH Nak maKaN CaMtu BanYak..HehEHE..aNYwaY, ThaNks To All FellOws GuYs..YoU ALL RoCks!!..XbG PeLuaNG Kat BdaK2 PosT DiPLoMa DuK FirsT LayeR..(menunjukkan StPM Boleh)...AgaK XTau La KeNApe KeKAdaNgNye DaK2 PosT DiPloMA Nie AgaK MenJenGkeLkaN..Tah Ape La Yg MemBeZaKan StPm NgaN PosT DiPloMa,PadaHal Grad TemPat Same Gaks...NasIb Lew MoDuLe Tu FinIsh on 4 p.m..BleY Le ResT Jap..6 p.m KeLas PlaK..So So TiRed Maa..Then ThanKs God Coz Cik NaziR sToP ClaSS On 8 p.m(ThanKs To Me LecTuRer)...KaLu X MauT Lew Aku Dlm KelAs Tue..K Laa, StOpPed HerE FirsT Coz FeeLiNg tiReD+SleePy+LiLtle BiT Be ConTinUeD For NeXt StoRy TeLLinG...HeehHehehehe..MuAcH...juSt NoW SeMpaT JeW PriNt me ParEnT's FlIgHt tiCkeT To Go DuBAi FoR ThIs BeCominG TeuSDaY(KenE TiNggaL LAgIk AKu Haa..)BuT LuCky ThaT SeMpaT LeW JuPe DieoRg ThiS WeEkaNd..MisS TheM So So MuCh..LoVe You Guys BAdLy(AgaK AnaK ManJe SbenArNye)..HuHuHu..If Aku XdE ClaSS Or SOmEtHiNg To Do..SuRe2 Aku fLy JgaK Nie..(For SuRe!)..hahahAhhaha..BuT MusT Be UnDeRstaNd WiTh The SItUaTiOn Now..(FianL SeM)..MayBe LattEr...Daaa...