Wednesday, July 6, 2011

LiViNg aT SeMpOrNa SaBaH..

HURmm...LaMe GiLe xUpDateS Me BLog..KaSiaaan..DaH NaIk SaRanG T-Rex DaH POwN,BkaN aPe,LiFe saNgaT Bz Kat SiNi Lew..InGaT BeiNg a FuLL tIme HoUsewIfe xBz Kew..?KiJe xPerNah aBis Tau..If DuLu,TiMe KiJe Kat oPIs, TiMe oPis hOur Je La Bz GiLe2..TheN BiLe DaH PunCh oUt,aBis Kat SItu Je La KiJenYe,eSot SaMbUnG BaLik Kan..BuT FoR HoUseWIfe Ni,22/7 KiJe xAbiS,NamPak MaCaM SeNang & MoRe RELaxIng PaSaL aLwaYs Kat UmaH Kan,But TrusT Me, SanGaT suSaH For MaKe DisIciOn FOr MeNu oF The DaY,xNak Bg BoSaN MaKaN,UmaH Kne BerSIh& KeMas SUpaYe SeDaaP MaTe ManDaNg,BaRanG2 UmaH & DaPUr TerMaSUk BAHan MenTah&KeRiNg SuMe Nak KeNe KawaL & MaKe SuRe CUKup SeLaLu DaN BanYak Lagik..But MoSt oF aLL..aM HaPpY To DO It.PlUs Me HuBby LoVe iT Very WeLL wHat I'vE DoNe HeRe..i Don't Know WHy..aNd BeiNg MoRe UndErStaNd WhY Me MoM LiKe ThaT..NgaNGaNga..I LoVe u CHe PAh..xRase LagIk NaK KerJa..FoR PiCtuRe oF Me HoMe HeRe..uOLs BleY La ViEW KaT Me aLbUm KaT FeSbuK AccOunT..KeKeKe..Nak UpLoaD Kat SInI SaNgaTLa SLoW..KaKaKA..BuByE WiTh LoVe~~

Saturday, April 16, 2011

CeLeBraTinG DaDDy's BiRtHDaY DiNeR..

HaPpY BiRtHdaY tO Me DaD(BoSs)...HoPe YoU'll Be BLeSS eVeR...tonItE Me DaD TuRns To 65 YeaRs oLd(BuT YoU sTiLL BeSt DaDdy EvEr)...MoSt oF aLL,Me wIth DaNA(sIsTer),PlaNnInG FOr DaD's BiRtHdaY DiNer aT ResToRaNt aL-Edrus..(PadaHaL MeMaNg NaK TrY PowN KedAi Ni LaMe ZaMaN DaH)..NoW BaRu DaPat ChaNceS...WeLL,MacAm Yang DiGemBaR GemBuRkaN PasaL ReStOraNt Nie,iT's BeiNg ProVeD!!...ThOsE DisH AwSoMe!!..AnD ThE PriCe VeRy ReaSoNaBle Law(bg KamI2 YanG xKaYe Kan..HaHaHa)BuT SeRiOusLy,i'll coMe aGaIn SooN..NaK DiJaDiKAn CiTe,UnTy ZaI&aYahSu(wHicH iS FrOm SiNgaPoRe) alSo JoiN uS tOnIte,But SUdDenLy aYahsu ToTaLly can'T aCcepT That SmeLL CaMe FrOm ThaT KedAi,(AyaHsu BeiNg 'CiKe' AraBic FooD WheN He BAcK FrOm PalaStIne CoUpLe Of MonTh aGo)..KaSiaN,Die TanaK SpoILkaN ThaT eVenT,Die MeNgHiLanGkaN DirI,Pg NexT KeDaI KoPi,PuaS We OLs CaRik,xJumPe(saNgaT PanDaI MenYoROk)..aS The CoNcLusIon,i ReaLLy LoVe ThIs MoMenT(PasNi DaH xLeY SamBut Kot BirthDaY aBah tOgether..DaH KawEn Kan)HuHuHu..aM HaPpy tO See He Is SmIling ToNiTe...LoVe iT LoVe It...HaPpy BiRthDaY aBaH..SeMOga AbaH PanJAng UmUr,MuRah ReZeKi(am ReaLLy HoPe That Happen)..i LoVe You DaD..FoR The PiCtURe,My PleaSure tO VieWinG My FacEbOoK's aLbUm..(Lambat Sgt nak uPloAd by ThIs siTe..TreHeHeHe)..

WorKiNg oN SaTuRdaY..UrGhh..

PeRggHh..WoRkInG oN SaTUrDaY is tHe MosT BoSaN Day..WhiCh is MoSt oF tHe TiMe wE aLL dO LePaKINg,MenGumPaTiNg,ShOppInG oR aTteNd sOme WeDdInG EnveNt(BekWoh)...HuaaAaaa..It's So sO sO FrEaK BoReD cOmE tO oFfiCe,TheN DuDuK sAjE2 JeWLa...iF AdE papE Nak bUaT,oK La..It ShouLd Be aN Off Day(MoSt oF OuR cOmPanY DeaLinG wiTh GoVerMenT aGenCy & BanK)DieoRg Pun xKiJe ArInI..wHaT The PoInT Kan...Waaaa...StREsS2...Duk UmAh SiOk MaIn Ngan NuReeN..LaLaLa...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WoRKiNg at ofFiCe..

PeRgHh...RaMeI XdE KaT OpIs ARiNie..adE PlaK SeBuThaRga DaTE LiNe aRiNie..CamPuR PlaK NgaN RaNkInG2 BaRu KuaR...PeRgh..DeNgaN HiNgOs YanG dah xBraPe ActiVe DaH aCiViTy Die..Big BoSs Pun Ade mAsUk OpIs,JaP2 LaGik MaYbe Kne KuaR Pg BeLi SeBuThaRga BaRu KoWt..HeHeHe...Love ThOse Bz's sItUaTiOn..LaLaLa...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LuMuT WiTh LoVe..

TraLaLa..WhaT TooK So LoNg Me xUpDaTes ThIs BLog,BkaN Pe,Bz KiJe LaL..BaLiK Je KiJe,KoMpeM PenGsaN DowH..BuT NaSiB BaIk Le Me SeMpaT MeeT Me HuBbY BaRu2 Nie..aCTuaLLy SeMpaT PeGi LuMuT(HuBbY Kne Pg KuRsuS) PaSaL KeBeToLaNMe MmG CoTi ThaT WeeKaNd(SLaLunYe MMg KiJe...BoS Mmg GiLe KiJe Baa)..YaNG SiOkNyeW
Me PuNye KaD KAweN DaH CiaP oN Time NaK Pg Tue..So LaGiK2 Le SeMaNgaT NaK Pg(KoNoN DaH Ade LeseN BesOw CheCk In)MwaHaHAHA(EviL)..TheN SaMpeI LuMuT,Me XdE La SeMpaT MaNe NaK sNaP MaNYaK2 PicT PuNn..Bz ShOppInG TheN Bz CaRiK DoRiaN,KeBeToLaN MmG MuSiM DaH Kan..ThOse sKeT Je PicT Me SnaP Mse Me DuK SeSoraNg KaT HoTeL..HaHaHA
ThOse SoMe VIeW FrOm HoTeL's BaLcoNy..MoSt HoTeL's RooM aRe FuLLy BooKed(WeeKanD.PahaM2 Je Laa)..BuT ThIs HoTeL iS oK La,iN The MiDDLe oF LuMuT's TowN,BleY JaLAN KakI Je NaK ShOppInG(MaKAN@aNyThInG NiCe)HaHAHA..aLsO DeKaT WiTh JeTi FoR PaNgKoR IsLANd(Next TrIp PLaNnInG)&aLsO Bus StaTiOn(naK BaLik GaNU)..hehehee..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

AfTeR WoRkIng HoUr....

HuRm..LpaS Je TiMe oFfice hOuR,sTrAiGhT Je BaLik UmaH TheN BaDaN CoMFoRm TeTiBe Je PaNdaI LenGoH2 SaNe,SaKiT2 SiNIe...Do The Same GoEs RoUtIne eVerYdaY,SaMpaI umaH,MeNonG DePaN Tv JaP,CeDok NaSik(caKap NaK DieT..Huh)..MaNdi,KeeP On SmS With HiM(LaKi DUk JaOh DowH...PuRff)..Tu PowN SoMeTiMes He Is So Bz(ManCinG dPaN OpIs..ceT!!)...TheN SLeeP..HurMm..WhaT a WonDerFuL LiFe KaLU HubbY aDe Kat GaNU Nie..Ade GaK TeMaN BerGaLoks..MwaHaHaHa...KeeP On FB'ing' SaMe GoEs WitH ReaDinG OtHers BLoG...BiLe vIew SoMe FrIenD's PictuRe wHicH YanG dah Ade BabY..MaCaM SaNgaT SweEt LoL..AnyWaY,Ade ReZeKi Ade La kaN..?HeHeHe...ThaT's FoR Now..LaTeR On..XoXo..

Friday, February 18, 2011

HuRrMm..LePaKinG DaY

oFF DaY its MeaNs LePaKInG DaY Lew FoR Me...tOdaY acTiViTi,NoT ReaLLy weiRd La, MoRnInG haVe SoMe ShoPpInG aT MyDin & GiaNt,TheN LePaKinG aT NaJiaH's HoUse..HurM..PicTuRe x SemPaT NaK SnaP2..BaDaN Me LateLy xBraPe NaK SiHaT La..Coz DeMaM BaRu NaK ReCoVeR BAliK..HuHuHu..GeT WeLL SoOn..AmInn...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

P.RaMLee LoVeR....

Me MeManG FanaTiC aBesH Le KaT p.RaMLee Nim SInCe i waS YouNg...SaMpeI kaT OpIs PowN SanGkUt JgaKs wiTh HiS SOnGs..LoVe It..How I woNdeR If p.RaMlee MasIh HiDuP Kan..KaLaH aR sTeVeN SpiELbErG tu..kekeke...MoH Le KiTeW MengHaYaTiNyew...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ShOpPinG aT OffIce..

huhuhu...ApO BLeY BuaT BiLe DaH MaSuk GeRnE2 GiLe ShoPpInG...naK2 GenG2 opIs YanG MeManG HaPpY & SpoRtInG aBes..abIs Me DaH TeRbORonG GiLe2..HuHuHuHu...bUt ok LeW...BuY FoR Me MoM aLso..TrEhEhE..LaMe DaH BerBakTi tuk FaMiLy Kan..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

~~WHeN ThE TiTLe Is ChaNgE..~~

TrEHeHe..aM MaRrIeD!!!..I'vE BeInG MaRrIeD oN 25th DeCeMbEr 2010 (akad nikah) aNd 26th DeCeMbEr 2010 ThE CeReMoNy....ThOSe SoMe oF PiCtuRe..yang The ResT BoLeY LeW ViEw KaT Me PuNye FaCEBooK PiCTuRe GaLLeRy OkiEy...WhaT TooK So LoNg NaK UpLoAD PiCtuRe..HeHe..XoXo..

NoW FoR ThE NeW CoMe BaCk...!!

TraLaLaLa....SunGgUh LaMe Me x MenGuPdaTed BlOg YanG DaH Ade T-Rex Nie..HeHe..WeLL Ape BoLeY BuaT KaN..Bz With So So MaNy NeW ThInG In Me Life..Me TiTLe NoW Is ToTaLLy ChaNge tO "MrS" aLReADy..MwaHaHaHa...MaYbe FrOm NoW Me WiLL Be MoRe acTiVe aNd ReaLLy HoPe ThaT aLL Me BlOg LisT x TuKaR La aNy aDDRess DieoRg,oR If Any pLeaSe Let Me KneW..ThanK YoU..MMUaCh..XoXo..